yukkerom is a solo project started by Yuusuke Kinou in 2015.

In the eight years since I started my activities, I have been active not only in the chiptune scene but also in various scenes.

I have appeared in a variety of live shows regardless of genre, including co-starring with popular artists in the chiptune world such as DANIMAL CANNON and Chip Tanaka, VMO, Sapporo hardcore band “HELLNE”, and breakcore idol “Nemless”.

I also invited Omodaka (Souichi Terada) to my hometown of Hokkaido, Japan, and held a ROMFEST.

On the production side, I participated in Konami’s “BEMANI 8bit collection” as a remixer. In addition, I have released full-length albums on internet labels, and is actively working on productions such as participating in compilations on internet labels both domestically and internationally.

For production and live performance requests, please contact me using the inquiry form.